The Revelation Of Language

At the beginning, all the families on earth spoke one language and it was a source of great strength for whatever they wanted to accomplish. They took advantage of it to start doing and trusting in their works at Babel, instead of acknowledging the wonderful works of God at creation.

So, at Babel (Gen. 11:6-8), God used the instrument of language to scatter the people and they were unable to continue their works.

In order to unite God’s “chosen but scattered children”, to declare the wonderful works of God, Jesus first had to shed His blood (John 11:51-52).

Then at Pentecost, the day the Church was born, God used the instrument of language skill to connect His people; and in unity they declared the wonderful works of God (Acts 2:6; 11).

By one miracle of lack of skill of language men were scattered and by one miracle of language skill men were united. Language is God’s master card for unity.

Today, discerning families are being stirred by God to facilitate the TJD call to worship global jingle into languages of the world for perfect unity of believers to declare the wonderful works of God at the same hour exactly like the day of Pentecost.

This is one of the finest moments for your family to be used by God as a major player in His end time move; uniting His global body in worship for His magnificent dwelling amongst us (Eph. 2:21-22).

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  • Facilitate TJD global jingle into more languages to enlarge the TJD Global Language Bank, for greater worship.