The Great Challenge

In a healthy relationship, all parties are expected to have benefits from each other. And so it is with God and man, but we find that most believers today focus basically on how to receive   their gains from their relationship with God; not really bothering about what God had planned to gain also.

We always bombard heaven with requests for things. Even when we praise God most times we have many requests at the back of our minds to make. It’s okay! But it’s time to mature and know that God also has needs.

God has needs? Yes, He has! For instance, when God brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, God said: “they will know that I am the Lord their God who brought them out of Egypt so that I might dwell among them”. (Exod. 29:46).

So, their salvation was not just about arriving Canaan for blessings and then going to heaven. Most preachers focus on how to make us enter our Canaan of inheritance and then make heaven, leaving out God’s own desire in the process.

But God is saying: “When I brought you out of Egypt, I had something I wanted to gain – dwell in your midst, which is My greatest passion”.

God then told the congregation of Israel to build Him a Tent; a place He can dwell in their midst; and Moses asked the people to bring a freewill offering to build the Tent.

It was not an offering that anyone will be punished for if he or she does not bring it, or an offering that they were encouraged to bring with incentives of what God will give them in return.

God called the offering: My offering; not tithe or first fruit etc. This was God’s offering for what God considered His house at that time.

The reason it had to be freewill was because Christ would come as a perfect freewill offering for God.

God’s, presence came down and dwelt in the tent with them until the time when David discovered God’s passion to dwell with man and decided to build God a brick house.

David was so conscious of the fact that God’s house is designed to bring honour to the Name of God (2 Sam. 7:13). But God told David he will not build the house for Him but that his son Solomon, will do it, and he did. God began to dwell in a built Temple made with bricks. Solomon said: “I am planning to build a Temple to honour the Name of the Lord my God…” (1 Kings 5:5).

The issue is not about building structures for God but building according to God’s specification to attract honour to His name. This is where the church has missed it – just erecting buildings.

How do you build to honour God’s Name? God has to make a choice as to where the building will be located and decide how it will be built (Deut. 12:11). God spent six days to create the world but forty days and forty nights giving Moses specifications for the construction of the place He will dwell (God’s house) with man – His house on earth.

You build to honour God’s Name when you follow His instruction concerning what He calls His house with man.

You can’t build God’s house just because you have money. David had money but was not allowed to build God’s house. You take $20 million and invest it in a church building (Cathedral) and say, that’s God’s house. No, that is not God’s house.

Now let the Holy Spirit show you and I what God’s house is according to God, not tradition of men.


When Jesus came out of the Jordon River, after being baptized by John, the Spirit of God descended upon Him. That was how God began to dwell in the body of Christ. God said of Christ when He came out of the Jordan River: “This is My beloved Son with whom I am well pleased (Matt 3:16). Christ had not preached, won a soul or healed anybody, yet God was already pleased with Him.

Why was God pleased with Him so fast? Simply because God found in Christ the perfect dwelling place, He had been waiting for. 

From that moment on, God began to dwell in Christ. God had now seen a living Temple on earth that is not man made to dwell in which had been His passion.

God began to dwell in Christ as revealed: “In Christ dwells the fullness of God in bodily form” (Col. 2:19). Again: “It pleased God that in all His fullness, He would dwell in Christ.” (Col. 1:19).

Can you see that? God is now dwelling in Christ, not physical buildings again.

When Christ died and ascended to heaven, the only place God could continue to dwell was no longer physical temples but in the body of Christ on earth; since Christ left His body on earth. The perfect had come, so the imperfect had to go. When Solomon’s Temple was built, Moses’ Tent was done away with. Now that Jesus’ Temple is alive, Solomon’s Temple is no longer God’s dwelling. Period!

This is the house of God on earth today; the body of Christ. Please honour God and call the body of Christ His house instead of the physical Cathedrals.

After God had dwelt in Christ the living house, God could never dwell again in the house that is not living.

Somebody might spend $20 billion to build a cathedral. It’s fine, we need them. If I was a pastor, I would build a cathedral – a classy one. But I would not be building the present house of God to honour His Name according to the Scriptures, but a comfortable place for our worship. No genuine believer will argue with the Scriptures. Jesus says some matters are weightier than others (Matt 23:23), so while it is good to build the physical cathedrals but we must give more attention to the spiritual, all are correctly done but, some carry more weight in God’s sight.

The Holy Spirit will give us four Scriptures to confirm what the house of God is today, then you will know if you are building God’s house to honour His Name.  

  • 1 Peter 2:5 in the Message Bible says: present yourselves as building stones for the construction of a sanctuary vibrant with life. That is where God lives. Our cathedrals have no life. In the New King James Version; it says: you are living stones being used to build up a spiritual house.
  • In Hebrews 3:6; it says in the New King James Version: Christ is a Son over God’s house, whose house we are. In the New Living Translation, it says: Christ as a Son is in charge of God’s entire house and we are God’s house.
  • In Ephesians 2:20-22, it says in Message Bible: God is using us brick by brick to build his own house which He started when he laid the foundation with the apostles and prophets and Jesus Christ at the chief cornerstone. The Living Translation says: Together we are His house being built which has a foundation laid with the apostles and prophets and Christ as the chief cornerstone.
  • In 1 Corinthians 3:16, it says: all of you together are the temple of God (New Living Translation). In the NIV it says: you yourselves are God’s temple and His Spirit dwells in your midst.

So everywhere you see the Scriptures tell us that we are God’s house. The living God is dwelling in the house being built with living stones.

Church, the house of God is all of us together. If you want to build the house of God, you invest in bringing all of us together at home, in church, and at the global level.

This issue of our unity at the global level is so important to God that Christ had to die to bring all the scattered children worldwide together. (John 11:51-52). Notice worldwide! NLT says: around the world. NKJV says: scattered abroad.


This is why The Jesus Dream is a global vision and very sensitive to God. Jesus died to bring the Jews and the scattered children of God all over the world together. Jesus shed His blood for it; not only for salvation of souls.


Since the blood of Jesus was shed for global unity of believers as recorded in John 11:51-52, then every true believer must take this matter very seriously, and stand up against denominationalism for the sake of the blood of Jesus that was invested.


In our homes; when we come together, God dwells in our midst. In our local assemblies or churches, when we come together, God dwells in our midst. But God says He wants all His scattered children globally to come together in fellowship, so that He can dwell with honour in a magnificent house.


David said in 1 Chronicles 22:5: the house to be built for the Lord shall be famous and great, magnificent in all of the world.” The equivalent today is the General Assembly of the body of Christ worldwide, which the Holy Spirit is gathering through TJD.


Parents want to see each of their children, but there comes a time parents really love to see all their children together.


While the house of God is being built through our gathering, our primary duty in this house of prayer is to worship. But there are few true worshippers, so God who created us to worship Him (Isa. 43:21, 1 Pet. 2:9) and dwells in the atmosphere of worship night after night, day after day, is now seeking for worshippers in His house on earth (John 4:23). While we seek for miracles, God seeks for worshippers.


At the TJD hour, we declare the wonderful works of God exactly as it was done the day the church began. It was the first act of worship before preaching, prayers, singing etc. Take anything God makes first seriously.


Declaring the wonderful works of God is the act of worship that unites the church perfectly because all denominations agree that God created the heavens and the earth. And without the works of God you cannot know God.


This is the vision of The Jesus Dream Worldwide Worship Hour uniting the global body of Christ in worship (declaring the works of God for one hour wherever you are) for God to dwell in a magnificent building.


The seed (foundation) for The Jesus Dream was planted in 1990, but in 2024, the fruits are beginning to manifest for all to see. It has taken thirty-four (34) years of preparation, with pain and rejection. But today with the help of God and some partners, we are seeing the walls of division in the global church crumble as we worship God together as a family.


When we started, people thought it was a child’s play especially when I said it’s going to be the Most Unifying Christian Experience Since Pentecost globally. Even in my own family; they thought I was a crazy man with a loud mouth. Friends simply abandoned me but God, my family, staff and a few partners still stood with me.


Never joke with a man or woman the Holy Spirit gives revelation from God’s Word. They spring surprises. They cannot fail in their visions because God’s Word which they trade in is eternally secured.


Some said, Preacherman doesn’t have a church crowd. He doesn’t have a business for income. He doesn’t have any investment anywhere. He doesn’t belong to any group in the body of Christ. He is not good on the internet. So how is he going to do it? But in 2016, my son said to me, Daddy, we doubted you. We wondered what you were thinking, but today, we are seeing the results.


Today, we see Media houses across world advertising The Jesus Dream. We are getting free Media adverts running to millions of dollars. We don’t even know most of these Media houses. The TJD jingle has been advertised through the official media houses of the Anglican Church, Methodist Church, Baptist Church, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Gospel Faith Mission, and many others, across the world. It must be God to see these very well respectable and honourable denominations, using their office media to spread the jingle to gather all believers.


It has gone beyond a man. The advert doesn’t have my name or the name of this ministry on; but only God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and Jerusalem. So many observe the hour globally not knowing where its originating from. At the TJD worship hour, nobody is standing to lead the church. It is not streamed on television or radio. Nobody is seen because on the day of Pentecost, when the disciples began to worship, nobody led them in that worship hour. It was after the worship Peter stood up to preach the first message. This meeting is patterned after the first act of worship at the birth of the church.


In 2020, God began to speak to me that it’s time for this vision to have angelic spread, and that we should go into global language translations.


At Babel, when the people came together and wanted to use the power of a common language to build their works, God came down, confused their language and scattered them. They stopped their works.


On the day of Pentecost, when God wanted to unite His children, God used the gift of language skill, to unite them as they understood each other and began to declare the wonderful works of God not their works, and the church of Jesus Christ began.


So, language is the instrument for uniting and building the body of Christ.

We then located a renowned American language translation company, and they started the translation of the jingle for us.


Discerning partners of TJD began to facilitate the translations of the TJD call to worship jingle into various languages of the world. We started with the Most Spoken Languages in the World. Translations are ongoing even after each TJD. With the sixty-nine languages as at first week in April 2024, we can reach over four billion people across the world. The stage is set now for the spread; bringing believers together for worship across the world.

In 2023, God said, call on families to help facilitate the translations. Although we have seen some Ministers facilitate some languages on behalf of their ministries also. But from now henceforth, I am under instruction not to call anyone except those stirred in their hearts by God.

Looking through the internet, we found out that the TJD language translation is today the Most Organically Translated Jingle in The World. With the jingles we are starting the TJD Jingle Global Share-A-Thon. Being a part of the SHARE-A-THON will bring huge fulfilment to all discerning Christians. It’s answer to Jesus’ heart cry for us to be one. This is how it works.

Since God dwells in our gathering and not buildings; and language is the instrument for the gathering to worship, believers can simply visit, and then, click on Share-A-Thon to pick languages already translated there and spread worldwide to gather believers for worship at the TJD hour. If you have somebody in Germany, just pick the German language jingle, and send to the person in Germany. Encourage the person to spread it. Let him or her know the benefit that he or she is raising worshippers unto God, thereby meeting God’s need in John 4:23. By doing that, you just gave yourself to Jesus to build the house of God in a kingdom network. That’s the TJD Share-A-Thon.

The Lord instructed that when you pick and share languages, pray for the sponsors of those languages. Job only prayed for his friends and God turned his captivity around.

So, you can sit at home and with data of a little amount in your phone, you can be involved in the building of the Great Living Cathedral globally by Jesus Christ. This is the building of God’s house. Awesome!

So, at TJD worship hour, believers worldwide will be worshipping God at the same time declaring the wonderful works of God as it was done on the day of Pentecost in all languages.

Welcome to the building of the Global Living House for God’s dwelling.

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