TJD Classic Testimonies


“We will join tonight in prayer God bless, from Jerusalem
Father Andreas Fritsch FSO
Christian Information Center
Jaffa Gate, Old City of Jerusalem 


We will be in agreement with you today.
Roger Obregon, Pastor
New Covenant Church
Humble, Texas U.S.A



A young girl was brought to my home some years back as a maid when she was 13 years of age. Agreed expectations for her was that when she would attain a certain age she would get married; but that was not to be. She subsequently got into her 20s and 30s; yet it seemed there was no prospect for her marriage.
Everyone became worried about her situation; and started seeking for solution for her case, going from church to church, series of fasting, praying and deliverance sessions were conducted for her, all to no avail.
At a point, a certain minister asked her to go to her village to get some soil that would be used to break whatever curse or covenant that has been preventing her from getting a suitor. She did but nothing happened.
Everything prescribed by several men of God was done, still there was no solution. She subsequently got into her 40s, and now she is 48 years old to be precise.
However, two days to the TJD event, she volunteered to go and distribute copies of TJD magazine and fliers in the neighborhood. She did it wholeheartedly as I learnt.  Then on the 30th of June, we all participated in the TJD worship experience.  Vividly, we all felt the power and awesome presence of God in the gathering.
On the following day, a man came to our house, knocked on our door and to our amazement asked for her hand in marriage. He said God had led him to her. It was like a joke, until we later realized it was a move of God.
Arrangements were made immediately for them to meet with their parents. Their parents were shocked too. The marriage was consummated two months after. Praise God!
Dr. (Mrs.) Catherine Okpareke; FCA; mni
Many other amazing testimonies from TJD experience.


Testimonies & comments

  • “It was certainly our honour to be part of such a meaningful event for the kingdom

of Christ. We had an overwhelming response to the call for prayer on that day. We thank you for allowing God to use you as vessel that is touching the hearts of God’s people around the world. We are truly humbled.”
Look forward to doing our part a year from now. Would love to have you visit one day.
Vonroy Gee
Chairman CEO/President
Evacme Inc./k107fm Jamz
Mississauga ON L5B-4p4
Decatur, GA 30036

  • “Over the years we have posted TJD and post TJD coverage. Testimonies have always followed the successes of the event with our listening feedback showing that TJD is pulling down walls of division and impacting lives.”

Azubike Osumili

Group General Manager

Inspiration FM 92.3

Lagos, Nigeria.

  • “Very powerful hour would that be…”

Adoration FM
St. Vincent, Caribbean

  • “What an amazing work God is doing through your ministry.”

95.1 shine FM/1230 AM WRBS
Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A

While Radio Pulpit, Pretoria, South Africa talked about TJD to their listeners in South Africa, they connected the Preacherman in Nigeria for a live interview.

  • “What an initiative!”

Radio Pulpit,
Pretoria, South Africa

�������������������������� -DRAMATIC RECONCILATION OF TWO PASTORS-

A pastor invited me to preach at the annual convention of his church in Onitsha City, South-East, Nigeria. When I arrived at the church premises, I noticed another church meeting in the same building. My host pastor occupies the second floor while the other pastor is on the third floor. As I was being led upstairs, my spirit sensed a tense atmosphere.
When I got into the church, the Lord said I should go upstairs to the other church so as to greet the pastor. I called my host pastor aside and said to him, “Let’s go up to the other church”. He then asked: “What for?” I said; ‘I want to greet the pastor there’. Then he said: “But sir, they are in a worship session”. I replied: “I know. When I get there, I will bow, greet and turn back”.
When we got upstairs, the other pastor saw us and took us to a nearby office while the congregation seemed surprised for seeing my host pastor in their church.
Then the Holy Spirit said a few words through me to both of them that, in all honesty, I couldn’t even remember. I held the two pastors warmly and we embraced. Then suddenly, both of them embraced, and I and my host pastor returned to his church.
When we arrived there, he took the microphone and proclaimed to his congregation; “It’s over! It’s over!! It’s over!!!”
To my surprise, my host pastor said: “The pastor upstairs and I have hugged each other; for the first time in about six years.” ‘What!’
Then the whole church went wild in a shout. The pastor’s wife instantly went on her knees. Some elders were on the floor praising God. What a grand, heart-warming spectacle to behold!
I was dazed at what God’s grace in my life had just accomplished.
The Holy Spirit resolved, in a minute, a matter that has been hanging for years. My host pastor confidently shouted to his congregation that “satan has lost the battle.” The most interesting aspect of the whole drama is that no one has told me what happened between those ministers, even till date.
A few months later, my host pastor informed me that a church that has been thirty years in existence and already having seven branches has submitted to his ministry and changed its name to the name of his (my host pastor’s) ministry.
What a miracle of reconciliation and lifting.
When walls crumble, we are lifted to next level.

There are numerous testimonies from this grace; but our focus is on worshipping Him at the TJD hour. You may send in your TJD experience.


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