Just before the Israelites left Egypt, God blessed them with material things. Wealth was transferred from the Egyptians to them after years of labour.
“The Lord caused the Egyptians to look favourably on the Israelites, and they gave the Israelites whatever they asked for; so they stripped the Egyptians of their wealth.” (Exod. 12: 36).
As they journeyed towards the land of Promise, God told Moses to take an offering from the children of Israel for one purpose- to build him a dwelling place in their midst. This was the purpose for which God gave them wealth and it was the first offering God requested from Israel as a congregation. First things carry honour.
God said to Moses in Exod. 25:2:
“Speak to the children of Israel that they bring Me an offering” (Exod. 25:2a). “And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.” (Exod. 25:8).
Before we can give to God, we must have received from Him. That is why He gave them wealth in Egypt before this request. Abraham made it clear when he said: “The Lord will provide Himself a sacrifice.” (Gen. 22:8).
God emphasized to Moses that the motivation for giving this offering must be purely out of love for Him and not necessarily because of a promise of some reward from Him; and also they must not be threatened of any punishment if they did not give. So God told Moses:
“From everyone who gives it willingly with his heart. You shall take My offering.” (Exod. 25:2b).
God called the offering to be received “My offering.” It is personal and different from the tithe and all other offerings because it will be used for God’s personal passion- His dwelling place which is the everlasting resting place of God. (Ps. 132: 13-14; Rev. 21:3). This sacrifice is not to provide food in God’s house for His ministers, neither is it for the widows nor orphans and the poor. It is not for evangelism or missions but for God personally. It is not an offering to save or help anyone but for God’s own desire for creating man in His image and likeness. This offering is the most sensitive offering in the Bible. Just as the builder of a house is greater than the house, so is this house greater than food in the house (tithe) or any other offering. God must dwell first before you bring Him other offerings.
This offering is the most potent of all sacrifices, because it separates those who sincerely hunger for His presence in their midst.
At 5:06 a.m., on May 3, 2018, I heard the Spirit say; “The offering for God’s dwelling place is an offering for His presence; while all other offerings and the tithe are offerings for His presents.”
The Israelites willingly gave this offering for God to dwell in their midst; because Jesus Christ would willingly become flesh for God to dwell in him on earth as a perfect sanctuary.
“For God in all His fullness was pleased to dwell in Christ.” (Col. 1:9). No wonder God said: “This is My dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy.” (Matt 3:17).
When Moses told the Israelites to bring the offering, they responded joyfully to give to the extent that there was more than enough and Moses stopped them, when the workers told him:
“The people have given more than enough materials to complete the job the Lord has commanded us to do.” (Exod. 36:5).
The people excelled in the grace of giving. Really in the day of God’s power the people will act willingly and not be cajoled or motivated with stories.
“The people shall be willing in the day of thy power.” (Ps. 110:3).
One million years of effort by ministers of God to raise an offering by all means for a project will not accomplish what a day of God’s power will accomplish with ease. Imagine this! Moses had no source of income, did not cajole the people not promised them any reward yet there was more than enough. God instructed me to close down my church, close down my motivational business and not to sell even any Christian literature in the ministry. He told me to announce The Jesus Dream from a city in South-West, Nigeria, Africa. Without joining and Christian group or travelling to any Country or visiting and leader but remaining in the body, today TJD is attracts free adverts running to millions of dollars across the world. The Holy Spirit simply gives me fresh revelation straight from heaven and I spread it and people who don’t know me spread it worldwide. Really when God is behind it people He has chosen run with His vision willingly.
Moses was a leader with integrity who would not be tempted to start a new “Church project” because of excess money, without an instruction from God for a new project.
The sanctuary- which was a tent was then built for God’s dwelling, and His glory came down.
Our wealth is given us first for God’s dwelling place before any other assignment in the Kingdom. We have seen the example! That is why He gave them wealth and brought them out.
Hear God make clear that every of His move ends with His passion.
“And they shall know that I am the Lord their God, that brought them forth out of the land of Egypt, that I may dwell among them: I am the Lord their God.” (Exod. 29:46).
God who determines where His name will dwell. (Deut. 12:11) has now in our time chosen to dwell in the body of Christ (unity of Christians) on earth.
“…being built together for a dwelling place for God in the Spirit.” (Eph. 2:22).
So in our unity God dwells. The larger the congregation the greater His dwelling in our midst.
Like He dwelt in the midst of all the Israelites He will dwell in our midst together as the Body of Christ. This is the vision of The Jesus Dream- uniting the body of Christ in worship for God’s dwelling. Hence your support of The Jesus Dream (TJD) is a privilege. When David found favour from God and wanted to please God, he requested to build God His dwelling place because that’s God’s greatest desire.
“David found favour with God and asked for the privilege of building a permanent Temple for the God of Jacob.
Today God no longer dwells in physical buildings but in our midst so arise and support TJD today.



Just as God called the Exodus 25:2 offering: “My offering”, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ puts a distinction between offering for Him and offering for the gospel.
He said:
“…there is no man who has left house, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for My sake, and the gospel's…” (Mark 10:29).
He is the reason for the gospel so He comes first.
Mary anointed Jesus’ physical body with a very expensive oil made of pure nard. This was an expensive sacrifice, but the disciples of Jesus (leaders of the church) objected to her action. They felt the oil should have been sold and the money given to the poor. But Jesus said; no! He told them that the sacrifice for His body was more needed at that time. So it follows that all sacrifices don’t carry equal weight at all times. The physical body of Christ came first. Then Jesus said in      Mark 14:6, about the woman:
“Why are you bothering her, she has done this good work for Me.”
He personalized her action.
Jesus always gave to the poor but this sacrifice for His Body was more important because of what it was going to achieve.
This woman was spiritually sensitive to God’s desire for the hour, which even the leaders of the “Church” were ignorant off. Jesus said:
“…She has anointed My body in preparation for burial.” (John 14:8).
This is a great lesson for any sincere child of God, not to go with the crowd or be intimidated by leaders who cannot discern the times and what is needed.
Today the body of Christ has been ruthlessly torn into parts by the leaders entrusted with the task of uniting the body as written in Ephesians chapter four. The blood shed to unite us has been trampled under, tearing the Body of Christ to build personal empires.
Just like Mary ignored the people and anointed the body of Jesus ahead for burial, God is speaking to pure hearts again today to anoint the spiritual Body of Christ with expensive oil (sacrificial seed) ahead for his second coming. Let’s pour oil of healing upon the wounded body ahead of His coming for a Church without blemish.
This sacrifice is different from all others hence Jesus did not promise Mary hundredfold return of material blessings but said:
“Verily I say unto you, wheresoever this gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world, this also that she hath done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her.” (Mark 14:9).
Didn’t the scripture tell us that a good name is to be desired above silver and gold?
What Jesus said about this woman and her sacrifice was never said about any other because it was an offering given by revelation out of love for His body. There was no cajoling, no incentive and no greedy attitude for more by the giver.
This is the offering that God has instructed to be collected for The Jesus Dream vision worldwide. Free will offering by those walking in love with God and fellow men and women.
God chooses where His name would dwell Deut. 12:11. And in our time, He has chosen to dwell in the midst of His children not in physical buildings.
“For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.”(Matt. 18:20).
Since He has chosen to dwell in our midst, every true believer who loves the Father would desire for God to have a magnificent building of His children.
For the physical temple David said:
“…The temple to be built for the Lord must be a magnificent structure, famous and glorious throughout the world. (1 Chron. 22:5).
But for the present dwelling place of God which is the gathering of believers “…being built together for a dwelling place for God in the Spirit.” (Eph. 2:22) our heart desire is to have the magnificent gathering which the Holy Spirit is achieving through The Jesus Dream vision. David looked forward to this day when he said:
“I will give thee thanks in the great congregation: I will praise thee among much people.”       (Ps. 35:18).
It has been clearly seen that wealth was transferred to the Israelites for the purpose of building God’s dwelling place and now He has given us wealth also to facilitate His dwelling place which is unity of the Body of Christ worldwide.
Many of us have spent so much on physical Church buildings which gives us comfort during worship. That is fine! But if we have not spent even a greater amount on God’s own dwelling place then we have not shown that we love His presence. No matter the physical structure we put up hear God.
“Howbeit the Most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands; as saith the prophet, heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool: what house will ye build Me? saith the Lord: or what is the place of My rest? Hath not My hand made all these things?”(Acts 7:48-50).
When David found favour before God, he asked God for the privilege to build Him a dwelling place. (Acts 7:46). This is the highest thing you can do for God and it is by His grace alone- investing in the unity of the body of Christ worldwide.
This ministry does not have a Church arm and we do not sell Christian materials as instructed by the Holy Spirit. We run the ministry with free-will offerings from those whose hearts prompt them; just as God instructed Moses when he had to receive offerings for God’s dwelling. Whatever monthly or one time seed we receive as offering willingly from believers for our monthly teachings through the electronic and print media as well as the yearly TJD gathering, since it is a one year plan for one hour worship, it is considered what is needed by God to do His work through us. God has shown Himself faithful with the angelic spread and acceptance of TJD worldwide. To God be all the glory!




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