Every Christian around the globe should, and must be reached to participate because Jesus will find joy in the blood He shed to unite us.
Therefore, it confers a responsibility on all of us to commit, not only to participate, but also to use every available means to ensure participation by all Christians Worldwide.

  • You may kindly commit to pray for the success of TJD as an individual or a family.
  • Mark up the nation of Israel and nine other nations of the world. Write them on a paper and each day prophesy over them and pray that believers will be raised in those nations to join all others worldwide to declare the praises of God at the same hour wherever they are at the annual TJD worldwide worship hour of June 30, every year.


  • You could ensure participation of every member of your household anywhere they may be in the world.
  • Please use every available medium to spread the word; via Bulk SMS, Bulk E-mails, Social Media Networks including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, etc. to reach everybody on your data base.
  • Kindly encourage each person you reach to reach others.
  • Please, purpose in your heart to take your street, community and/or nation for that hour.
  • Advertise TJD in your communities, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, market places, prisons, palaces, parks, State Houses, etc., through radio and television and other print and electronic media accessible to you, including marketing materials such as Handbills, Posters, T- shirts, caps, Jotters, etc.


  • Families, Streets, Estates and communities can come together in a single venue for the Hour.



A. Joseph of Arimathea was a man of influence. He used his influence to secure Jesus’ physical body for a befitting burial. (John 19:38).

Kindly, use your position and influence to support the unity of Jesus’ spiritual body.

B. Esther found herself favoured to be the queen, and she used her position to save all the Jews not some of them.

Use your position to gather all of God’s scattered children and not just your denomination for worship.

You occupy your position for such a time as this
to make possible this global fellowship with the Father.


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