• The twenty-four elders declared during worship at the throne that God is worthy to receive glory honour and power because of His wonderful works. (Rev. 4:11).
  • We can only sing praise to God because of His works. (Psalm 105:2).


  • The day the Church was manifested at Pentecost the first fruits God received was declaration of His wonderful works – the pattern for TJD worship hour.

    a. Awesome Father, You quickened the Body of Jesus and raised Him from the dead- I worship Your Holy Name

    Sovereign Father, You made water to come out of a rock for Your children to drink in the wilderness- I adore You.
  • Continue to recount the miracles in the Bible for the TJD one hour worship.

At the end of the one hour worship give thanks to our Father for giving you breath to praise Him in the global Great Assembly of The Jesus Dream 2022, while looking forward to TJD 2023.

The focus at the worship hour is free of doctrinal differences and it can
be observed anywhere, (Matt. 18:20), under the direct leadership of
the Holy Spirit like the day of Pentecost, (Acts 2:4).


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