In June 1989, my wife, our two daughters and I, were on our way to Lagos, South-West Nigeria from Benin City, Edo State, Mid-West, Nigeria, when we decided to take a detour for sightseeing in the famous city of Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, South West, Nigeria.
As soon as we entered the City, I heard God say, “Stay here.” I told my wife what I heard. I drove further into the heart of the City, located the office of an Estate Agent and approached the agency for an accommodation.Crazy? Yes!
The agent offered me a duplex in Asero Estate, which I accepted.
My family and I moved into the house without any furniture and all the necessary home accessories.
We did not know a single soul in the City either. But why worry?
God told Abraham to leave the known for the unknown.
As soon as we moved into the house, I resumed my motivational talks in secondary schools to generate funds.
In 1990, God instructed me to invite all the Christians living in the Estate where I live, irrespective of their denominations to start a fellowship in my house with the aim of fostering unity among the brethren.
I prepared a feast and called for the first meeting. Surprisingly, many turned up; including extremists who rarely mixed with other Christians. That was the beginning of The Jesus Dream.
The Fellowship continued for some years, until I moved out of the Estate. However, I never knew that the foundation for a worldwide gatheringhad been laid. Thereafter, I started one of the earliest Christian teaching programs on television in the State, then I started a Church, which God later instructed me to close down in 2004.  
In November 2004, God instructed me to write and publish a magazine titled Ministers Alive, to encourage ministers who, though often times are celebrated publicly yet they bleed sometimes in their closets. The magazine was also to foster the unity of ministers, since their unity is crucial to the unity of the entire Body of Christ.
Amazing testimonies from ministers of the gospel, (old and upcoming), began to flood in from across the world. It brought about massive healing among ministers, with comments from renowned Christian leaders worldwide. You may log on to the website:
When I was to clock 50 years of age in 2010, I asked the Lord “What would you want me to do to mark this milestone?’
So God said to me: ‘Call for Christians all over the world to pray for one hour for the unity of My ministers’, (John 17:11). That was the birth of THE JESUS DREAM (TJD) worldwide unity prayer, which is usually observedJune 30 of every year since 2010.
Since I had closed down the Church, and Iwas also led to stop my motivational talks from which I earned money, I could not raise money for the first TJD adverts. I was able to raise money to advertise the first TJD gathering in the media, (electronic and print), from the sale ofour former Church building
During the 2011 and 2012 gathering, we could not advertise TJD because we had no source of income. Then we began to receive a couple of freewill adverts in the newspapers, in Nigeria.
God began to raise people who used their influence to motivate more people to be part of this rising spiritual building of Christians in which God dwells, (Eph. 2:21-22). A man in the USA, running a cyber-based ministry was inspired to send TJD message by e-mail to over 5 million people around the world to participate in the TJD 2012 edition.
The vision continued to grow as the Holy Spirit began to enlarge my understanding, giving me insights to share with the body of Christ.
Before the 2013 TJD hour, God began to stir up the hearts of Media Executives to promote TJD free of charge. The initial sacrifice of using money from our sold Church building, to pay for adverts began to yield harvest.
In fact, it could be unarguably termed as one of the most publicized Christian gathering in Nigeria, and it began to spread from Nigeria to other Nations of the world.
Furthermore, God raised up believers who took The Jesus Dream message to Israel, Austria, U.S.A, China, Ghana, U.K., Australia, even to the Fiji Islands in the uttermost ends of the earth.
On July 1, 2013 after the fourth edition of TJD, the Holy Spirit instructed me that henceforth we should worship at each TJD hour by declaring the wonderful works of God. However, it became the foundation on which in subsequent years, we declare the wonders of God as it was done on the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts 2:11
Back at the home front in Nigeria, in May 2014, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) threw her weight behind the vision when the National President called on all Christians in Nigeria through the organized media to observe the TJD hour.
Then in May 2015, more media houses in some nations of the world after reading the content of TJD website began to promote TJD, and it began to spread across the world, speedily.
In 2016, the Holy Spirit told me to announce that all Countries of the World should correlate their TJD time with Jerusalem time. I didn’t understand at the time but I simply obeyed. A year later the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to Ezekiel 5:5 and I saw that Jerusalem is the center of the nations of the world; and God’s time clock.
In 2016, the spread of TJD was angelic; TJD has also been translated into so many languages. Furthermore, more media houses came on board across the world during the 2017 and 2018 TJD.
TJD came to its tenth year on June 30, 2019 with many Church leaders keying into the vision while more media houses joined to advertise the gathering.
The June 30, 2020 TJD will be the eleventh global gathering of this magnificent ever-increasing temple where God dwells by His Spirit.

Have a blessed TJD 2020.

Emmanuel Oje Ehimika (Preacherman),